Lõun üte peräst lätt niisama vällä kui ütsä peräst

Exhibition Setomaa on photos, 1918‒2018

The past 100 years have been a period of major changes for Setomaa. These turns include political as well as cultural changes.

The exhibition of 21 photographs intends to present a short overview of the major historical events, changes and developments that have shaped Setomaa/Petserimaa over the past 100 years. Every decade is featured by two photos.

The photographs have been collected from museums, archives and private collections. Many thanks to Tiiu Kunst, Helen Külvik, Irina Orekhova, Henry Timusk and Toomas Tuul, who have been of great help in preparing the exhibition.

The exhibition was dedicated to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia.

Ahto Raudoja
Seto Institute