Sõa aigu oma taiva värä' vallalõ.

For visitors

The Seto region is one of the most attractive destinations in Estonia, charming visitors with well-preserved cultural heritage, hospitable people and scenic nature. Visitors are enthralled by the local customs, which are well in evidence on the various holidays. The Setos’ beautiful folk costumes are memorable; especially the women’s lavish silver jewellery. Polyphonic Seto singing style called leelo is distinctive – it is on the UNESCO list of cultural heritage and is heard time and again on special occasions and holidays in the region. It is especially exciting to visit the region when some event is in swing www.visitsetomaa.ee/calendar-of-events but there is plenty to do on other days as well.

In the interests of better developing the tourism sector, Setomaa’s tourism entrepreneurs have formed a non-profit group, Setomaa Turism www.visitsetomaa.ee. Projects include the 100 km long Seto Külavüü touring route, which passes through all of the rural municipalities in Setomaa. The non-profit organization administers tourist information websites and also organizes a pop-up café day throughout the region – Seto Külävüü kostipäiv in the local language. A Seto tourism information centre is open year round in Värska, and it serves as the Setomaa Turism’s offices as well.


MTÜ Setomaa Turism
Pikk 12, 64001 Värska, Setomaa, Võru maakond
+372 5682 1268

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