Virka tiit, vussi lätt

Union of Setomaa Rural Municipalities

The non-profit organization, MTÜ Setomaa Valdade Liit (SVL), was established by four municipal governments:

The primary SVL areas of activity are:

  • preserving, promoting and introducing ethnic Seto culture,
  • supporting the Seto region’s social and economic development and improving social well-being,
  • developing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities,
  • representing and protecting the common interests of the Seto region’s inhabitants in all walks of life and developing cooperation in this area.

To achieve these goals, SVL organizes events and trainings, commissions research and analysis, coordinates cooperation between organizations and municipalities in the Seto region, participates as a partner in many local and international projects.

SVL statutes in Estonian:

The supreme body of the SVL is the general meeting, made up by council members appointed by the municipality councils. In the interim period between general meetings, the supervisory board steers the SVL. The supervisory board is headed by one municipality mayor, rotating each year.

The executive body of the Association of Setomaa Municipalities is a two-member management board. The management board members are Margus Timmo and Aare Hõrn.


Obinitsa 65301, Meremäe municipality, Võru County
Tel +372 5622 2886 (Margus Timmo, chairman of the management board)
Tel +372 5622 2348 (Aare Hõrn, member of the management board)
Tel +372 510 6664 (Kaja Tullus, assistant)