Hamõh om küll liki, a surm om viil likimbäh.

Seto Käsitüü Kogo

These days, handicraft skills can be a lifestyle as well as livelihood. Seto craftsmen are united by a non-profit organization founded in 2006, MTÜ Seto Käsitüü Kogo, whose members include entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations and master handicraft practitioners.

The goal of the Seto Käsitüü Kogo is to develop enterprise based on traditional Seto handicraft through continuity and preservation of the Seto handicraft tradition. The association is a source of information on traditional crafts from textile to log houses. It also offers bespoke training. Association members can provide various hand-crafted goods and services. The main specialities are currently textile, wood, clay, metal and food preparation.

Seto Käsitüü Kogo (in Estonian)


Obinitsa, Meremäe municipality, Võru County, 65301
Tel + 372 5620 0076

Managing director: Ingrit Kala
Tel + 372 5620 0057